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0.10.6 (2018-09-03)


  • After interceptor now runs against effect db if effect db is nil/false. #447
  • The effect handler for :dispatch-later will now ignore nils. #455
  • Add locking to the EventQueue when running under JVM to avoid race conditions and subtle errors when dispatching lots of events. #471

0.10.5 (2018.02.13)


  • Event handlers and fx are now traced, to provide more granular timing info in re-frame-trace. This has no impact on your code execution if you haven't enabled tracing.

0.10.4 (2018.01.31)


  • Interceptors, effects, and coeffects are now captured in re-frame's tracing.

0.10.3 (2018.01.24)


  • add purge-event-queue to the API. See for motivation.
  • added a new FAQ entry Reagent looks terrific. Why do I need re-frame?
  • added a new Infographic explaining how dominoes play out over time in the browser


  • Debounce trace callbacks to handle larger batches of traces at once, to improve efficiency.
  • Improved error messages to not have multiple spaces before variables.


  • Handle js/performance not being defined in NodeJS. #439
  • Improve cache eviction behaviour of subscription caches. In more complex applications a subscription may have been unnecessarily created and destroyed several times after a Figwheel re-render.