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0.6.0 (2015-12-09)

New API:

  • #118 - Add add-post-event-callback to the API. @pupeno is developing prerenderer which looks pretty neat. Support this effort by adding a way for prerenderer to hook event processing.
  • on-changes middleware now official. No longer experimental.


  • #134 My thanks to @scgilardi for a nice simplification of the routing state machine. Again!
  • #133 Improve Readme formatting

0.5.0 (2015-11-5)

New Features:

  • #108 - Add dynamic subscriptions. Docs to follow, and your cheque is in the mail.


  • fixed problem with log grouping
  • removed -------New Event------- log msg
  • made groups collapsed by default
  • #104 - Updated to the latest TodoMVC CSS
  • Reimplemented the router loop. Removed use of core.async. Replaced with hand rolled scheduling. See 420e42a As a result:

    • there is less of a pause between a dispatch and the associated event handler being run. (<1ms vs 5ms??)
    • groups of events queued up will be handled in a batch, one after the other, without yielding to the browser (previously re-frame yielded to the browser before every single event).

    This fixes issues like #39 and #121

    I doubt this will affect normal apps. But it could affect games which depend on existing timings. Maybe. It could affect apps which dispatch large volumes of events (telemetry?) very quickly. Maybe.

v0.4.1 (2015-05-29)


  • fix #65 - Detect mistaken use of middleware factories
  • examples/ now work with figwheel

v0.4.0 (2015-05-04)


  • Exceptions in event handlers no longer break the router loop. Previously, any exception in an event handler broke the app permanently. This change will:
    • improve the debugging experience with figwheel
    • mean apps, in production, stand a chance of reporting UHE to the user, and can perhaps even recover to a sane state.
  • #53 Fix Logging And Error Reporting You can now provide your own logging functions. Further explanation here.


  • log-ex middleware is no longer needed. Simply remove its use. Sometime in the last couple of months, changes to the CLJS runtime meant that useful exceptions could escape go-loops, and good stack traces appear (at least in Chrome).

New Features:

  • #52 Add a way to purge redos (dispatch [:purge-redos]) When trying to recover from an UHE, do an undo to get back to the last sane state, and then use this new feature to purge the just-generated-redo.
  • #43 Add ability to clear handlers (event and subs) via two new API functions:


  • #50 Add "reaction-like" middleware called on-changes.


  • improve some comments in todomvc example

v0.3.2 (2015-04-21)


  • Fix #42 - Put in checks for dispatch-sync
  • Fix #49 - add table of content and link to wiki for middleware
  • Fix #46 - Minor typos fixed

v0.3.1 (2015-04-18)

Various small improvements and bug fixes:

  • log-ex middleware added to core api (it was a mistake that it was missing)
  • modest improves to simple example. Better comments, layout, etc.
  • the anonymous functions in standard middleware now have meaningful names, which makes stack traces easier to understand.
  • #24 - Fix missing paren in README
  • #31 - Fix list formatting in README
  • #32 - fix a broken wiki link
  • #30 - Fix up the enrich docstring

v0.3.0 (2015-04-15)


  • the middleware after and enrich now call the supplied function f with both db and v (previously just db). Because javascript is so forgiving about function arity, this change is backwards compatible.
  • new event handler middleware log-ex for correctly printing handler stacktraces. See explanation.
  • ongoing improvements to the docs in Wiki


  • move to reagent v0.5.0
  • fix undo bug which could result in incorrect explanations.
  • improve todomvc's use of localstorage
  • experimental work with slimmer.js for testing
  • correct README wiki links
  • license.txt was incorrectly named previously

v0.2.0 (2015-03-06)



  • register-pure-handler renamed to register-handler (and existing low level register-handler becomes register-handler-base but is not a part of the API).
  • remove apply-event middleware and replace with similar trim-v
  • rename register-subs to register-sub (avoid confusion over possible plurals)
  • rename set-max-undos to set-max-undos!


  • undoable middleware is now a factory. Where before you used this undoable, you must now use this (undoable "some explanation"). See further below.


  • exceptions in handler now reported more sanely via console.error. (core.async really messes with a good stack)
  • example todomvc available in examples folder.
  • Wiki documentation is now more substantial.
  • introduce new handler middleware: debug, enrich and after


  • exceptions in a go loop are a special type of hell. Improve the reporting of exceptions happening in event handlers.
  • allow Middleware to be registered as a vector. data > functions > macros
  • fix two bugs in undo implementation
  • name licence file correctly, thanks to @smith
  • fix typo in readme, thanks to @btheado
  • Readme now admits to 200 lines of code, not 100.
  • dispatch now explicitly returns nil
  • travis integration (not that we have any tests currently)

Details On Undo Changes

The undo/redo feature built into re-frame is now more functional (at the cost of a breaking change).

There is now an explanation associated with each undo state describing modification. This allows an app to inform the user what actions they will be undoing or redoing.

Previously undoable was simply middleware, but it is now a middleware factory.

Essentially, that means you can't use it "plain" anymore, and instead you must call it, like this (undoable "Some explanation")

The explanation provided to undoable must be either a string (static explanation) or a function (db event) -> string, allowing you to customize the undo message based on details of the event.

v0.1.7 (2015-02-25)

Initial public release

v0.1.1 (2014-12-18)

Internal beta release