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0.10.2 (2017.10.07)

New Features

  • On dispose callbacks now run on JVM re-frame. #386.
  • Log warnings when tracing is not enabled and you try to add a trace callback #395.

New Docs

  • added a new FAQ entry How do I turn on/off polling a database every 60 secs (hint: effects)
  • added a new FAQ entry How do I do full-stack re-frame?
  • Added a gitbook for re-frame docs #414.
  • Lots of spelling fixes, for which we are eternally grateful.

0.10.1 (2017.08.17)

  • fix a showstopper bug introduced at the last minute in v0.10.0

0.10.0 (2017.08.16)

New Docs


  • #357 I'd be amazed if this actually broke any apps. Shocked! But, better safe than sorry. The effect handler for :db has changed: if the new value provided tests identical? to the existing value within app-db, then app-db is not reset!. Previously, app-db was always reset! irrespective, which potentially caused Layer 2 subscriptions to run unnecessarily. So this is a tiny efficiency change in this edge case, and it results in behaviour that better matches programmer intuitions.

Minor Fixes and Improvements

  • #400 Improve error message when a registered cofx can't be found
  • The effect handler for :dispatch-n will now ignore nils. See checkin
  • #340
  • #341 Fix re-frame.core/on-changes to work even if event handler does not set :db.
  • #395 Warn users if they try to enable tracing without setting the closure define re-frame.trace.trace-enabled?.

0.9.4 (2017.06.01)


  • added a file
  • re-frame now supports self-hosted ClojureScript at an alpha/unofficial/experimental level. It may be removed in the future if it causes problems elsewhere. #325

0.9.3 (2017.05.15)

Breaking (previously undefined behaviour)

  • reg-sub enforces using :<- to indicate subscription inputs. Previously any keyword would have worked here. While using anything other than :<- was undefined behaviour previously, this could possibly break some code when upgrading. Thanks to @Sohalt #336.


  • re-frame.interceptor/update-coeffect has been fixed. #328
  • Fix ns form in re-frame.interceptor. Thanks to @ggeoffrey. #338
  • Even more spelling fixes.

0.9.2 (2017.02.09)


  • Update dependency on reagent from 0.6.0-rc to 0.6.0.
  • A truckload of tweaks, spelling fixes, and general improvements to the docs. A big thanks to everyone who contributed!


  • Use :devDependencies instead of :dependencies for the lein-npm Karma dependencies. This stops consumers of re-frame with the lein-npm plugin from having to install Karma and friends.
  • Correct :id of on-changes interceptor from :enrich to :on-changes